Aspire Atlantis V2 – Is it worth waiting for?

Kangertech and Aspire has been the leading developers of mods. Kanger has already released their newest addition in their mods and so it is expected that Aspire will not let their guard out. For sure they will also surprise the enthusiasts with something new!

aspire atlantis v2

It has been speculated that Aspire will be releasing their new Atlantis 2.0 this year. Many are very curious on what Aspire V2 can give. According to Aspire, this Atlantis V2 is based on the feedback of the users. This is kind of attitude of Aspire, they listen to what vapers needs, is what makes Aspire one of the leading creator of mods.

aspire2 altantis tubev2 atlantis lidaspire atlantis2 tank

As I have heard, this Aspire Atlantis V2 is the second version of their Atlantis. It has been relayed that Atlantis V2 will be coming up with sub-ohm coils. It will be a replaceable coil with different resistance. This is good news for vape wholesale stores as well as the vapers. 0.3ohm, power with 60-70 watts; 0.50ohm, power with 20-30 watts. They created Atlantis V2 based on the needs and wants of the users. Like lower ohm coil, this means there will be more vapour, which every user really wanted. And for sure they will consider the mouthpiece problem, which usually cause the poor vapour taste. And so with Atlantis V2 we will be expecting more vapour as well as better taste. In regards to the coils, it is compatible with the original Atlantis as they say.

aspire v2 atlantis refilatlantis2 refil tank

atlantis v2 tank full

Let's just wait and see what this New Atlantis V2 can deliver. Vaper suppliers and distributors like Hawkvape have been waiting for this. Undeniably, this device will be another hit and will give every user that satisfaction they are longing for.