Joyetech eGo One – Newest e cig starter kit Review

The smallest device that you can see in Vaping kit is the Joyetech eGo ONE. Small as it is but its functionality is as big as those large devices in the vaping world. Who would not want this device? This device allows every vaper to enjoy great vaping wherever they are, it is very handy yet it can give you satisfaction like other large e-cigs would do.

Joyetech eGo One has the state of the art atomizer and coil heads. It comes in 1100mAh and 2200mAh sizes. It's up to your, the user, which one you preferred to use. If you have doubt on which one fits to you, you can ask this Vape Wholesale supplier HawkVape who will surely help you find the best for you. For a little view on what these sizes would give you and its differences, I will illustrate a short description for each size. 1 – ohm coil is what they called as "mouth inhale" device. It is because it will bring the vapor directly to your mouth and then into your lungs. People who wants e-cig, like of that a real cigarette, can use this size. While those vaper who loves cloud and huge vapour may choose .5-ohm coil. This size would take vapour directly to the lungs. Experienced vaper would surely choose this size for stealth vaping. While new vapers who are looking for more traditional vaping like what they do with cigarettes rather choose 1-ohm coils.

Joyetech eGo ONE is a device that can offer two distinct vaping experiences to both new and old users. As I saw the device myself, I am just in awe to see such small device just like the size of my palm. You will really feel you are just like using a real cigarette. What can you ask for? Small, handy but will still give you the satisfaction every vaper is looking for.