KangerTech K-Simar 20 Gravity Mod Review - Vaping like a beast in Southfield MI

Are you travelling in Southfield, Mi? Or just spending time in there with friends and family? Dining out with great persons should never be missed. There are a lot if restaurants in Southfield that would make you happy! Vegetarian, Barbeque, steak houses are among the few, name it and you'll have it with great discounts on hand. After pigging out, you might be looking for some other things to do. Vaping with friends after eating would be perfect for bonding.

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The newest KangerTech K-Simar 20 Gravity Mod we tested today was provided by this e cig wholesale distributor and this mod has some familiar functions to be found in some other batteries that are larger but K-Simar is in manageable size. It has a 3200mah capacity and an adjustable wattage of 7-20W. It also has an OLED clear screen that would display the current wattage. At the top of the screen is the current working voltage, atomizer resistance, battery voltage and its capacity. When no atomizer is attached to the device it would display a warning "Check atomizer" or if the resistance is too low "Low Res" and "Low batt" if it requires charging. A spring-loaded brass center pin is included in the package that would allow better fitting of 510 compatible clearomizers/tanks. There is no eGo threading included.

It is easier to insert an 18650 battery because of the spring loaded brass battery cap for a solid and secure battery connection. The 18650 battery cell that is supplied with this device has a 2900 mAh capacity. For short circuit protection, the battery will shut down and it will not be working until the cause of the short has been located or corrected. And to protect your atomizer, if the button is pressed for more than 10 seconds, the battery will be cut-off. In case that the battery voltage will drop below 3.2V it will automatically shut down.

K-Simar 20 as the latest addition to KangerTech products has a solid and flawless vaping experience. Add this to your list and you will never feel down.