Kangertech KBox Mod vs. Innokin MVP 3.0

In the vaping world there are a lot of Mods that you can see in vape stores. And which one should be the right for you? Especially when you are just a newbie and do not know anything about it. Before purchasing anything you should have knowledge on what is right and what is not. What is hot today and is making noise in the industry is Kangertech KBox Mod and thanks to this wholesale vaping supply store HawkVape who sent us a Kbox and MVP 3.0 to compare.

kangertech kbox wholesale innokin mvp 3.0 blue

Kangertech is releasing its new box Mod in the market. We are really looking forward on this product since Kangertech is known for its range of vaporizers that are of high quality and user friendly. But what is in Kbox as what they are calling that is different from other vaporizers. Let me give you an idea on this. I want to share with you the difference between Kanger's Kbox and Innokin MVP 3.0. These two are both the newest products from Kangertech and Innokin.

In terms of wattage output settings Kbox has an available wattage output setting of 40 watts and iTaste has 30 watts. Unlike iTaste you can adjust the wattage in .5 watts increment which can be seen in a screen. On the other hand even Kbox has a maximum of 40 wattage but there are only 7 available wattage output these are 8,13,20,25,30,35 and 40. Kbox do not have that display like iTaste do, it has a LED light that corresponds to the wattage.

mvp 3 display
Innokin itaste MVP3.0's wattage display

kbox wattage display
Kangertech Box Mod's wattage display

What is good about this 2 products is their protection features they offer to their users. Both has given priority on protecting the vapers. Kbox has a short ciruit, low resistance, over current and reverse battery protection features while Innokin MVP 3.0 has low voltage and short circuit/Atomizer protection. Both are 510 that mean they are compatible to 510 clearomizer and atomizer.

For whatever you choose, these two products are worth buying for.