SMPL Mod 1:1 Clone Review

Are you tired of screwing or adjusting pins and having hard time in lock ups that it needs pliers and some screw to unthread them? As we all know there plenty of MODS available in the market today. If you will walk into some vape stores you will see different styles of mods, from simplest kind of Mod to the most complicated ones. If you are a beginner you will surely find something that would be easy to use and would not make you wonder and think on how it works and how to use it. Those mods with top caps or bottom caps and adjustable pins are for those who are experts and had more time doing extra things for the mod. But no worries now, in the market today there is a mod that was created with simplicity and non complex mod, the SMPL Mod provided by this mechanical mod wholesale Supplier.

smpl mod review

smpl mod bottom

smpl mod component

SMPL Mod is the simplest Mod that is created and could be one of the most user friendly mod. It was constructed of one solid tube. No more top cap, no more bottom cap and no more adjusting pins. It is simple as attaching the atomizer, dropping the battery and then screw the button. Its design has eliminated the top cap and hybrid adaptor. It only has a simple short throw recessed button that you can unthread even with a finger or coin. It has a direct battery to atomizer that will enhance the life and performance of the battery and minimum voltage drop.

What are you waiting for? Check on SMPL Mod on Hawk Vape and you will see by yourself and experience the simplicity of SMPL Mod.